Friday, February 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (#3)

1. I usually don't get sick... if I get sick more than once a year, I'm doing pretty badly. And when I do get sick, I try to ignore it and push through until I just can't take it anymore. Samwise has been down with a cold for the better (or worse) part of the week. On Wednesday, I took him to the doctor because I'm scared to death that he'll get sick and I'll ignore it until it's too late-- the way I treat myself. Thankfully, the doctor didn't treat me like an idiot for bringing him in.

2. Speaking of doctors... lately, I've been having some really bizarre dreams. Last night, I dreamed about Doctor Who. There were a bunch of people, we were all in a gallery, and we were running. Of course we were running... there's always lots running with the Doctor. Then the Doctor shot his companion (Deanna Troi from Star Trek The Next Generation), and suddenly we were hugging and crying together. This is very odd because... the Doctor does not believe in guns.

3. My husband sent me a link to this story, which I found beautiful and touching. It's always so encouraging to know that there are modern heroes. I'm mostly impressed by the young woman who made so much effort.

4. I've been doing a lot more "serious" baking in the past few weeks-- breads, cinnamon rolls, etc. The smell of yeasted doughs rising and baking stir very strong emotions in me. Opening a bakery is really a long term dream of mine. Sure, the wedding/birthday cakes are nice... but for me it's all about the artisan breads and great pastries. I want it to be a place where people stop in for a coffee and pastry-- on their way to work, on the weekends, for first dates, etc. I feel such a connection to people when I feed them-- I want to be a part of the everyday life of others.

5. There's a former Sonic Drive-in location that's up for sale about 5 minutes from my home. Every time I drive past it, I think "Man, if I had money... that would be the perfect spot for a little pastry shop/cafe with a drive-up window."

6. My husband made a card for me for Valentine's Day. It was beautiful and sweet, and he made sure to put pictures of calla lilies on it because they're my favorite. I think it's the best Valentine I've ever recieved.

7. I like to surprise people-- with food, gifts, packages, etc. It's fun and uplifting for both parties :)

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