Friday, February 6, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (#2)

1. I have come to the conclusion that I am one of the most obscenely prideful and self-centered people I know... trying to work on that.

2. Staying home with Samwise gives me a lot more opportunity/time/energy to love my husband. I enjoy being able to prepare dinner, take care of the home, do laundry, etc. I've always been very domestic, and no, it doesn't make me feel like a slave. I always feel very whole and happy when I've had a very successful day at home.

3. I am contemplating cloth diapers. The progress they've made on those things is ridiculous! It would be a very expensive initial investment... but since some of these companies promise a 3 year life, it would pay off in the long run. Especially since they could be used for more than one child.

4. Jeremy and I watched Smokey and the Bandit last night, and I decided that a former co-worker was just like Jackie Gleason. It made me spitefully happy... until I realized that it goes hand-in-hand with #1.

5. I love early mornings, but I don't like getting up early. Does that sound nuts? Once I'm up (especially if I can get a shower asap), I'm good. It's just the getting up that's hard. My son wakes up at 7:30, and it is my dream to start getting myself up at 6:00. I figure that means I could have up to 1.5 hours for myself before the days starts... shower, coffee, a little reading and prayer. I think I would be a much happier, calmer, and more effective person. So... maybe tomorrow.

6. Samwise was doing soooo well at sleeping for several weeks. 9:30pm-7:30am with one feeding around 3 or 4. All of a sudden, he's up multiple times a night again. This too shall pass.

7. My (very Baptist) mother freaked out, at Samwise's baptism a few weekends ago, about the painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe that was hanging in the sanctuary. She urged me to ask the priest about the symbolisms in the painting-- something about horns and a man underneath. I looked at the painting more carefully and did some research online, then sent her an email explaining that it was a cresent moon and an angel, and told her about the symbolism. She was not satisfied with my research and insisted again that I ask the priest. ::sigh::


  1. I too, hate the getting up part but I think that getting up early before the kids is the best way to start your day. I get up, immediately jump in the shower and then some quiet time in prayer before anyone else is up. If this routine gets broken it throws off the whole day! Good Luck and God Bless.

  2. I'm very Baptist, too. You just have to cut some of us some slack and be patient with us. God isn't finished with any of us.

  3. I know... I grew up very Baptist myself :) My parents are generally exceptionally gracious about my conversion-- even attending Samwise's baptism was a big deal (and quite appreciated).