Wednesday, May 20, 2009

There is nothing IRONIC about SHOW CHOIR!

Since the season finale of Battlestar Galactica a few months ago, I was convinced that I would never fall in love again. All my other shows have declined drastically in importance. American Idol? Eh. Stargate? Eh. Doctor Who? Hmmm... there is a new Doctor, but until I see him in action I can't really make a call on that one.

But wait!

Last night, I watched the "preview" episode of Glee on Fox. I was really afraid that it would turn into High School Musical Infinity. No offense to those who love HSM. I digress. Glee was...

FABULOUS! The music is awesome. The satire is satisfying. It reminds me of all the reasons that I'm glad to be done with high school, without making me grouchy or bitter. Did I mention the music? Seriously. As they change scenes, personal views, etc. they play... vocal percussion and warm-up sounds. Last night's soundtrack included: Respect, I Kissed a Girl, On My Own, Can't Fight this Feeling, You're the One that I Want, Rehab, and Don't Stop Believing. If nothing else, I will watch this show every week just to listen to the music. Like a weekly musical pick me up.

Huzzah for a new show... doesn't doesn't start until FALL.


  1. I watched it too! While I was doing a leeetle eye rolling at some points I got SUCKED IN! I mean, the wife of the main character has a CRAFT ROOM and has put them in debt at POTTERY BARN! HOOKED RIGHT THERE!! I also had "Don't stop believing" stuck in my head all night after that!! I liked it, the characters were fun: the cheerleading coach, the OCD teacher who has a crush, the nerdy girl with two dads ... I'm so glad someone else was INTO it! :)

  2. I have to admit that as soon as she told Will she was pregnant, I looked at my husband and announced, "She's either lying or it's not his!" Oh the drama!

    Dear September-- please HURRY!