Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Container Herb Garden

I feel accomplished!

I have always wanted to plant herbs, and now I have. Granted they're in planter boxes. But that's for two excellent reasons, which follow here:

Jeremy's job, and thus our location, is still up in the air. I mean, I would hate to go through all the trouble of planting (and buying!) the herbs, only to move and leave them behind. Possibly to somebody that will not love them :(

I have seen many herbs grow totally out of control and figure it will be easier to maintain them if they are in boxes. I want an herb garden. Not an herb forest. Though I expect a heady herby smell to permeate my yard, either way.

Hopefully my little herbs will grow big and strong, and yield many a fragrant dish... which I will of course tell you about!

Here's a list of what's growing:

*Note the order here... I have left a blank spot for sage. I thought about getting all four of them and putting them in a specially designated Simon and Garfunkel planter. But I'm just not that big a fan of sage.

If you get it, you get it. If not... it's really not that important. It's just me being a bizarre music-type.

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  1. I've been yearning for an herb garden for years. An attempt was made a few months ago, but my rosemary died in under a week. My thumb, it is black.

    I'm sure your garden will thrive. :)