Friday, May 15, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (#9)

1. Even though I am a Mary Kay consultant, I just ordered from the Neutrogena skinID website. It came in the mail today, and although I've only used it once... I am impressed! No burning. No itching. No medicine-y smell. Hallelujah, somebody got it right at last!

2. Jeremy has been offered another job... a true answer to prayer. This job is better and pays more. The benefits are better. Now our only concern is trying to figure out whether we should try to move this summer... or if Jeremy should commute 1.5 hours EACH WAY all year and try to move NEXT summer.

3. Sometimes, I meet new people and I think of them as my friends... but I wonder if
they consider me their friend. You know? I've been wondering this about my daily Mass/Lunch/stroller walking friend Katie. We missed each other the past 3-4 Masses. Today though, while we were eating lunch, her statements were peppered with, "Oh, I thought about you because/when/etc." and "I saw/heard this and thought of you" and etc. And to me, this was a wonderful confirmation. Maybe it's silly. That's okay.

4. Where ever we wind up, I'm going to do my dead level best to start a dinner prep group. Everybody pitches in a percentage to pay for food purchased in bulk, then we work together to prep it all-- brown meats, peel/chop vegetables, mix marinades. Then, we sort and pack everything so that it can be stored in freezers and pulled out on an as needed basis. What a great way to save money and encourage community! AAAaaaaaannnddd... since it's summer we could buy massive amounts of the produce locally at the Farmer's Market, and enjoy them all year!!

5. I would like to take an NFP class.

6. Baby Bobby was finally able to move to a regular room with his mother and father! SO EXCITED!!

7. My sister is in town for a wedding reception this weekend, and I get to see her. This thrills my soul beyond belief!!

Okay... I just have some additional things on my mind, so we're going to have extra quick takes.

8. Has anybody noticed that ALL of Old Navy's swimwear is either a standard bikini or a halter? I know halters are supposed to be flattering on most people but... the girls need support. Seriously.

9. I saw multi-destinational tickets-- here to San Diego to Sacramento back home for $377! However, such purchases will have to wait.

10. Jeremy took the day off (whee!). I want to know why HE is the one taking a shower during Samuel's nap!


  1. Ooohh.. I am really interested to hear how the Neutrogena skin care system works out! I've used ProActive (worked, then stopped), but other than that, I have used Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash (you know, the orange stuff - well... now Grapefruit...) for 10 years.

    I took the online quiz thing online, but was hesitant to order... Keep me updated on this one!