Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Drinking the Kool Aid...

So... I tell my husband a lot of funny stories about my years at Bob Jones University. He usually makes some snarky comment about Kool Aid.

I'll admit, I had a hard time following all the rules. Especially ones about dusting my dresser top or having my bed made up by 7:15 every morning. I didn't like getting up at the bell at 6:55 or having a "lights out" bell at 11:00 every night. I couldn't wear pants in public (there were a few exceptions), and we couldn't go off campus in "mixed" groups. I hated pantyhose. After my time there, I still feel like any skirt that doesn't totally cover my knees (walking, sitting, or standing) is too short, and I spend all my time trying to pull it down.

Today, I got the BJU Review (the quarterly "look how awesome we are" magazine) in the mail. I usually smirk at the perfect smiling faces on the cover as I toss it into the garbage. Today, I stopped and flipped through it. Here are some things I found:

A trumpet player who started attending BJU just before I graduated will be performing with the International Honors Wind Symphony at Avery Fisher Hall in May.

BJU has received a patent for the networked cashless vending machine system developed by 3 teachers. I always thought that this was pretty nifty-- you can just swipe your student ID at the vending machine!

The Debate program is still kicking a lot of butt.

The Culinary Arts program has a new faculty member that I wish I could have studied under. He and his partner opened this bakery in New Jersey.

The science and computer science departments are sending teams across the country to help smaller Christian schools develop their ciriculum and to teach students robotics, etc.

There was a lot of other stuff, but these were the things that stuck out the most to me. It was one of those times that I was proud to claim that I've drunk from the same Kool Aid.

Just in case, I would like to apologize to any that are offended by my references to the Jonestown tragedies.

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