Friday, March 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (#6)

1. I'm a little sad that 6 of my 11 posts are Quick Takes... but I guess that's better than nothing.

2. Samwise and I are still having a time of it with naps. People keep trying to encourage me and tell me it will get better... but I think it may just be some great mirage in the desert of my life :) He's also been a little off with his night sleep-- he woke up three times last night! What is that all about?!?!?!

3. My mother bought us a dozen Fuzzi Bunz for Samwise's 100th Day birthday. I love them! Granted, these are the first cloth diapers I've ever used... but the convenience and cost efficiency is not lost on me. His butt looks huge in them-- and it's adorable!

4. Yesterday, I went on a walk with my priest's assistant's wife. We're about the same age, and she just had twins a month ago. Let me tell you... hanging out with her makes me feel like my life is a total cake walk. Seriously. Getting the twins ready for a walk was way more complicated than getting Samuel ready for anything. More importantly, I just feel blessed to have another woman that's in the same age range and life-cycle stage as me. I never thought I would long for female company so badly!

5. Also, yesterday I signed up to be a Mary Kay consultant. I'm really excited! My hope is that I'll be able to bring home enough to avoid having to get an additional part-time (or full time), out of home job. I know that's going to take a lot of discipline on my part. It's also going to require me to step out of my comfort zone and start going up to people. One of the great things (I hope!) will be the weekly success meetings.

6. The school where Jeremy works is having a spring plant sale, and he's going to grab some calla lilies for me. I'm so excited because they're my favorite, and it was all his idea! My intention is to pot them in pretty pots and put them outside, and then bring them in when it gets cold... no point in wasting money and plants!

7. I keep finding half-empty cups of coffee around the house (left over from interruptions by Samwise).... I just wish I could find them before I run the dishwasher. Oh well.

Happy Friday!!

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