Saturday, March 7, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (#5)

1. We had snow this week and it was awesome! We got 4-6 inches on Sunday night, and my husband's school was closed Monday and Tuesday, and had a 2 hour delay on Wednesday. It was a very nice week :)

2. Samuel loves standing. As long as we keep him from toppling over, he bears his own weight... I think that's saying something for a 18 pound 3 month old!

3. I picked up the best free sofa ever! A young couple around the corner from us was getting rid of it because they had too much furniture. It's in perfect condition :) Of course, once I got it in the house I had to rearrange all the living room furniture about 3 times. We've been in our house since August, and I was not happy with the living room until yesterday. Finally!

4. I made a loaf of Challah bread for the first time... I'm pleased to say that it turned out beautifully, as did my peanut butter biscotti :)

5. I visited with our pastor's assistant's wife this week. It was nice to be around another young mother.

6. It's been difficult for me to find friends here... work was my social outlet for a while, then I started to stay home with Samwise. It feels like everybody that lives here is from here, and they're not interested in being friends with anybody new. It's as if they look at you and think "Well, she's nice, but my friend quiver is full." I'm trying.

7. I'm intending to talk to Father Charles about starting a "young mothers" coffee group at the church some time soon. We'll see.

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