Friday, January 30, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (#1)

1. I love Dr. Seuss! Some of his views were a little screwy, and he didn't really even like kids, but the man was a genius. One of my most prized possessions is a book of all his political cartoons from WWII, which I received for Christmas during high school. I once had a very isolationist view of foreign policy, and his book changed my life.

2. I'm planning to make over our 2 (pretty ugly) bathrooms, and spent an hour pricing things at the local hardware store pricing things so that I can convince my husband. Things I priced included paint, paneling for the walls, groutable vinyl tiles for the floors and walls, and trim. Unfortunately, it did not include new lights or recessed medicine cabinets. Pretty sure I can do it for under $100/bathroom.

3. I feel accomplished today because baby Samwise and I have managed to stay on schedule. I've never been very organized, so this is quite the adventure for us!

4. I tend to feel like I'm being a horrendously selfish person when Samwise cries before a nap. I know that the nap is good for him, but I know I look forward to it waaaaay more than he does.

5. My little sister and I have lived far away (okay, so 1.5 hours isn't that far, but it felt really far) from each other since I graduated from high school 8 years ago, and it still makes me sad. The good thing is, it gives me an excuse to go places like Spain and California!

6. I simultaneously love and hate weekends. I love having my husband around all day, going to Mass, and feeling like it's okay to just lounge around... but something about the weekend just feels so disruptive. Goodness, I sound like a crazy person!

7. My favorite part of cooking a meal is the small menial tasks-- peeling the vegetables and chopping them up, weighing ingredients, and general prep work. It reminds me of being in culinary school and makes me feel warm and fuzzy. There were times that 4-5 of us would stand around a 75 gallon container, peeling potatoes for a luncheon in our catering class. Those were the best days because we would laugh hysterically for hours at nothing.


  1. #5 -- I feel the same way. I still miss you every single day and cry when you leave after a visit:).
    I was talking to a friend last night, and I felt proud when he was surprised that we still speak everyday.

  2. I know what you mean about weekends--you have your daily routine and then it just disappears for two days.