Monday, June 20, 2011

Moving, Transfers, and the Magical Speeding up of Time When You Want it to SLOW DOWN.

The management that I've dealt with since being with Starbucks (two years on July 6!) has been generally awesome. My store manager is phenomenal, as are my fellow shift supervisors, the several other store managers in my district that I've had contact with have been great, and my district manager is usually amazing.


I am currently annoyed. 
  • I asked my district manager about the proper protocol for transferral.  
  • She gave me some directions, which I followed. 
  • I then left her a voicemail to follow up on my actions and received NO FEEDBACK. 
  • So I contacted the DM of the district that I'm hoping to transfer to... she sent an email to my DM here in Virginia... who contacted my store manager and wanted to know why I was not following the proper chains of communication.
  • The DM said I needed to fill out a form. 
  • I did that, and left it with my store manager to finish and send to the DM. 
  • AND THEN I find out that I was supposed to have done all this extra leg work and found a store to transfer to FIRST. 

Long story short, I lost nearly a month in the transfer process because my DM didn't tell me the right things to do. UGH.

Jeremy is going to interview for a teaching position in Opelika, Alabama on Thursday morning. There is also a super long-shot at a job in IOWA, doing some kind of statistical data analysis stuff with John Deere. I think that sounds way more awesome than teaching math... but maybe that's just me.

More fun things... we have figured out that Samuel and I need to get out of this house by mid-July so that Jeremy can have us out from under his feet while he does fun things. Like paint our bedroom and ALL the trim in our house. This means I need to leave my job by July 10. It's kind of devastating for me, and I'm trying not to talk about it at work because I get all emotional and weepy. The pregnancy hormones are not helping.

The good thing is, we are actually sorting through all of our stuff and getting rid of a TON, which we really should have done last time we moved. But last time, we were moving out of and in to our own houses. This time we are moving out of our 3 bedroom/full basement house and into 2 bedrooms of my parents' house. I am super thankful for this opportunity! I have spent so much of my life holding on to crap that clutters up my space and my mind, and I am now being forced to let it go. I'm sure I'm still trying to keep too much... but I'm working on it.

I do wish that time would slow down a little. I wake up feeling a little sad every morning because I know that it's one day closer to leaving this life and these friends behind.

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