Friday, March 25, 2011

Resolution Updates and a Comparison...

It's been 2 whole months since I posted last... I guess that's better than 12 months, though.

Would you like to know how the resolutions are coming along?
  •  I did manage to lose some weight, and I was down to 165. And then? I found out that I was pregnant. While I'm no longer doing Weight Watchers... I'm definitely trying to watch myself this time around. Baby's due 10/03!
  • Cooking! I've been cooking real food way more often! This is mostly due to the fact that we promoted another supervisor, so I only close one night a week. AND? Yesterday, I learned how to use the delayed start function on my super awesome oven, so that means even more easy dinner options.
  • Cake decorating... um. Pregnant. However! I did make peanut butter cups for husband and friends for Valentine's Day.
  • Spending more time with my awesome son!  Samuel was pretty sick for about 2 weeks about a month back, and I spent 4 days doing nothing all day except sitting in the recliner and holding him. That time turned Samuel into a total Mama's boy. As in, he WAILS for me at daycare when he wakes mid-nap. He tells Jeremy, "No touching MY MOMMY!" We spend more time cuddling up most mornings, and I've kept him home on days off so we can go to the park and have picnics together. It is pure joy.
  • Running? Ha. Pregnant.
  • Mass? Uh... I totally missed Ash Wednesday, and I STILL haven't decided what to give up for Lent. Catholic convert fail.
  • I've been working hard to stay on top of household tasks lately-- saying no to meeting friends at Starbucks, and turning down invitations to play Settlers of Catan just so I can do laundry, dishes, pick up toys, prep dinner, and scrub the floors. It makes me feel good about myself. Even though I do really love Catan.
 Last night, I fixed a baked ziti type thing for dinner... complete with this sauce.   At first, Samuel refused to eat... and then he became a human vacuum cleaner. He wound up with sauce allllll over his face. It was so cute that we had to take pictures. Then we got to comparing dirty-face/bathtime pictures, and oh my God, just look at this:
Six chubby little months!

2 years and four months!